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  • Land of the Amazons

    The northernmost poit of Zaikiir is a rocky mountian terrain inhabited by waring tribes of Amazons and Barbarians. There are the Amazons who worship the moon, who rely mainly on their spells and potions; the Amazons who worship the sun who rely on weaponry and physical strength.The Barbarian men who roam the land worship the stars and tell stories by them, while simultaineously worshiping the animals that they hunt to survive, paying homage to them with paintings and murals within the caves they use for shelter.
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  • The Horöa Forest

    The Horöa Forest is to the North of Central Zaikiir. It is the lush land of the elves, and home to the Capital City of the Elves: La Protectorate de la Horöa. Other elven cities include:
    The Monastery of the Rising Sun
    The Cliffs of Tûleduband Nuingrothwen.
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  • Central Zaikiir

    Central Zaikiir is mainly open plains with different cities large and small dotting the mass of it. The Capital of Zaikiir is Aérogale, where the castle floats above the main city, and is surrounded by the cities Falston, Armagh, Cudgeon, and Kandel, all of which are a league away from the main city. Falston to the North' Armagh to the East, Cudgeon to the South,and Kandel to the West.Eastern Zaikiir is mostly farm land, and the seas are to the west, while deserts await those who travel to the south.
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    Somewhere North ...
    Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:04 am
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  • Mt. Sang-Rouge

    A large mountain to the southwest of Central Zaikiir. The trees that cover it have a white bark that glows in the light of the full moon, and are covered in blossoms that are a blood red color all year round. The Origin of all Magicks is said to come from this mountian. On it lives the lowly hemit woman Sarisha Pan'Dora...
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    Boccob Monastery...
    Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:36 pm
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  • Ulster Bay

    Ulster bay is one of the many port along Zaikiir's west coast. It is the most active and successful port, and can be used as a way for Pirate characters to move into the fantasy forum, and vise versa. Within the City of Ulster are many trading posts, and a brothel by the name of the Black Rose.
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    A New Begining.....
    Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:27 pm
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  • Li'or

    This intricate city has streets that play out like a large spider web. It is the city where heros go to make a name for themselves by learning from master swordsman Rurick and can stay in the Pagemaster's Burrow when not at practice. This city also houses one of the largest Temples in all of Zaikiir: the Temple of Ultimatum. It is a dark religion that stands against all that is good and pure, and were blood is the price of admitance.
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  • Tali'Dei Mountain Range

    The Tali'Dei mountian range is a sect of many, many hills ranging is size and housing the last living dragons of Zaikiir. Most of them are copper and bronze dragons, but the dragons who live of high in Mt. Grimklâsh are silver in both color and tongue. They are the few remaining dragons who can still speak and take on human form.
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  • Alagassë Marsh

    This marsh is like a bog where a thick, foul smelling fog is always lingering. It makes it almost impossible to see more than 20 feet ahead of you. This land is home to the dreadful black dragons of Zaikiir. If they see any trespassers they will snatch them up and pickle them in the slimey water of the marsh, and save them to eat for later. One must pass through the marsh to travel from Zaikiir into the Desert Krux
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  • The Desert of Krux

    The Black Desert of Krux was so named for the blackened Sand that covers it like volcanic ash. If you dare brave this hellish land with it's blistering hot sun and freezing nights you best take a leaper lizard with you for no horse will survive the journey. Within the Black Desert is the Legendary Obilisk of Skalbraka. Whoever so finds this Obelisk will be granted untold power if they have the heart to survive the horrors within.
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