Rules of the House [Read before posting ANYTHING]

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Rules of the House [Read before posting ANYTHING]

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:23 pm

Hello folks. Just a quick briefing before we begin:

1) Each Forum is a different world or universe, and within that universe are different places (i.e. the threads within each forum). What ever character you have can only be in one place at a time. For example, if I had a character in the Sci-Fi forum, that character could only be in one thread at a time, unless they went to another place. Like going from Nabu to the Degoba system. I can't have a character in two places at once, after all. However, you can have one character in more than one Forum at a time. Like having the same character in the Western and Pirate forums, as long as you have a valid reason for having that character there, and explain what they are doing in that world.

2) There is a limit on what races can go into what worlds. Certian threads, such as the Western, Pirates, and Historical Fiction forums can only contain characters that are human. Fantasy however can contain any sort of creature from Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 or lower, and with permission from an Admin, World of Warcraft races as well. Sci-Fi can contain different sorts of aliens, and with Admin's permission, so can Steampunk.

3) All new characters must fill out a Character Sheet and have it be approved by an Admin before you can play this character anywhere on the site.

4) Try to keep sexual confrontations and swearing down to a minium or our site will get shut down. We don't really care, but others may find it offensive. Please be curdious to others.

5) Magick can only be used in the Fantasy forum, and in some cases the Sci-Fi forum. If you have a character that casts spells and you wish to place them in a different forum, they cannot cast any spells.

6) You must post at least once and week or you will be given a warning. If you get three warning, you character will be deleted.

7) If you start a new topic, you must include (after the topic title) either the words [open], [limited], or [permission] in [].
This will let others know if anyone can join at any time [open]
If only certain people are allowed in that topic [limited]
Or if they can join if they ask first [permission]

Cool Have Fun!!!


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