Jim "lucky" Jones

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Re: Jim "lucky" Jones

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:16 pm

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Jim "lucky" Jones

Post  Jim_Jones on Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:58 am

Name:Jim "lucky" Jones






Appearence including any distinguishing marks: bears a tan and looks rather thin with his clothes on, in fact he is rather built from life on the sea his auburn hair kept tied back, and he bears a small scar under his left eye

Clothes/Armor:wears an old button down white under shirt and a pair of black breeches with heavy pirate type boots, on top of that he wears an old captains hat and a captians jacket two sizes two big

rapier and duelbarreled flintlock pistol. and competent with a few other weapons

Marital Status:

Background Information ((be as descriptive as possible. Any "unknown" backgrounds will not be allowed as characters )):born James Andreas (welsh for andrew) Jones he was the third youngest of eight children, and one of only two surviving, his mother is welsh and his father is English, he has 4 sisters and three brothers, all but his oldest sister Susan who is also his oldest sibling survive though she has abarren womb but adopted there neice whilmina from his second oldest sister emily who died in child birth, emily had a twin victoria who committed suicide after emilys death, his youngest sister elizabeth died of a child hood illness, his oldest brother jack died fighting in a war, and his second oldest brother died while in a pistol duel, his younger brother died after he broke his neck when he fell of his horse, he is not the best pirate in the world in fact he doesn’t consider himself one. The English gave it to him, after he fumbled with a delivery to the colonies, he never made it so they thought he ran off with the stuff, but in fact his ship sunk, this is not the first time this has happened, the first time was when he was with his father and the ship blew up, he was the only one unharmed, some call him cursed because working for him means a an almost certain doom, as all around him get hurt in some way though he manages to get out unharmed most of the time. he may also seem really clumsy on land but is an accomplished sailor


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