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Havoc Mycroft

Post  Havoc Mycroft on Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:19 pm

Name: Havoc Mycroft

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 130

Appearence including any distinguishing marks: He is a man of average height and build, with deep green eyes and blond hair that was long enough to pull back into a small ponytail. Years of extensive reading has burned his eyes out, so he is forced to wear a pair of stylish, round spectacles to help him see. He also sports a small goatee that is the only facial hair he has; save for his long sideburns. His face is thin, with a high forehead and chiseled nose, and his thin lips turn up at the edges like a cat’s might.
He also has a russian blue (breed of cat) named Ariadne.
He is a detective

Clothes/Armor: Is most commonly dressed in a pair of black trousers with matching loafers, and a green, pinstriped vest buttoned over an off-white shirt and black silk tie. When he goes out he has a cane, top hat, and black jacket with coat-tails.

Weapons/Sheilds: He does not fight, but his cane is a sword and he is known to carry a pistol from time to time.

Marital Status: Never married or engaged, and has never shown an interest in women (or men).

Background Information ((be as descriptive as possible. Any "unknown" backgrounds will not be allowed as characters )): Havoc grew up the son of a scientist who constantly tried to puch Havoc into a degree in medicine. For quite some time he followed this path for quite some time, keeping his interest in the occult a secret. One day he went to the attic, curiously, and found an old box that had belonged to his mother whom he had suspected died in child birth. In it he found how engrosed his mother had been in the occult, and took several of the old books she'd had.
When his father found out he was furious, claiming it all nonsense, but he was able to keep them hidden until he moved out of his father's home, and then inherrited it when he died.
Since then Havoc has offered his highly expensive detective workings to any who seek them, has several degrees in medicine and surgical arts, and appeals to those of the occult nature, helping those with problems relating to and of the occult.

Havoc Mycroft

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