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Post  Admin on Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:23 pm

The background is a little iffy, but I will allow it.


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Connõr O'Dette

Post  Connõr O'Dette on Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:00 pm

Name: Connõr O'Dette (pronounced [con . yore]) Also goes by the nickname Switch

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 164 lbs

Appearence including any distinguishing marks: Connõr is tall and slender without being scrawny looking. His limbs are slightly muscular but not too much, just enough to give him some definition. His hair is onyx black and touches the small of his back. He always has it tied back in a pony-tail so it is out of his face. His eyes are a vibrant orange color, and his skin is very slightly tanned. He is Irish, but used to spend a lot of time outside. He is constantly followed by his faithful companion, Blaze, a female rottweiler. He also sports a mustache-goatee ensemble. On his forearms are a pair of twin tattoos that look like manacles around his wrists, and thick chains circling his arms to his shoulders, and then appearing as if they move under his skin.

Clothes/Armor:He can usually be seen sporting some sort of vest, no matter what time of year or the place he is in, and around his neck is a chain with a teardrop shaped, topaz amulet. He also has a tendency toward ripped jeans, combat boots, and t-shirts with some form of geeky reference to them.

Weapons/Shields: He has no real weapons, only magick. Connõr is able to control electricity and lightning. He can make any electronic device do as he wishes, and can command storms as well. Or just sick Blaze after people...

Marital Status: A ladies man, but has never been married.

Background Information ((be as descriptive as possible. Any "unknown" backgrounds will not be allowed as characters )): He grew up as a candle maker, sharing in his parent's profession, until his aunt and uncle where brutally murdered, and one of his remaining cousins showed up at his doorstep, covered in blood from witnessing his parent's death, and shaking with sobs. He helped his cousin get over the loss of his parents and move on. His cousin went out for revenge while Connõr set out to find his own path in life.
Soon after he left he was struck by lightning, but rather than kill him it gave him the power to control lightning and storms. Also, sensing different energy fields became a feat of his.
After he traveled to find his cousin, he was caught up with a gypsy caravan and began learning how to harness his powers. However it proved to volatile and they had to be bound (hence the chain tattoos).
After they were bound he went about learning more about them until a magickal mishap sent him to an alternate time (the future) and he learned that he could control technology as well.
In that time he received the the nickname Switch.
Connõr O'Dette
Connõr O'Dette

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