Misos Peradomatio

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Misos Peradomatio

Post  oneblaqkwing on Sun Jun 28, 2009 5:12 pm

Name: Misos Peradomatio

Age: appears 21, and will say that he is; so that is what he is. (real age?.... a few thousand years; he's young for a god)

Gender: Male

Race: Fallen God; lets just say, if he snapped his fingers… he wouldn’t be able to kill a person like he used to.
(if that’s cool that he’s a fallen god)

Height: 6’7 1/2

Weight: 200 pounds of pure muscle baby! ^^

Appearance including any distinguishing marks: Black hair, one blue eye (right), and one green eye (left)…kind of puts him out in a crowd. Not to mention he is obsessed with black clothing and weapons, (not that he necessarily knows how to use all of them…don’t let him pull out anything with a blade and have it pointed at you.) He also has a series of slash mark scars running in various directions down his back. He has scrollwork tattoos mirrored on the side of his face, down his neck… and only a very choice few know exactly how far they go down his body… but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess(and it goes all the way around his skull and down his back as well).

Clothes/Armor: It is a slight miracle, really, that his wardrobe of black clothing is all different and goes on forever practically. He wears anything simple, yet a slight detail that some miss will throw the price tag through the roof.

Weapons/Shields: since he has whatever he could get his hands on, I’ll narrow it down to what he carries with him… He has concealed on him: a pair of Sais, a dirk, and a katana… a few more, but those are what he is more likely going to pull.

Marital Status: Widower/ now single …not his favorite subject

Background Information ((be as descriptive as possible. Any "unknown" backgrounds will not be allowed as characters)): Misos was a very powerful god and still is although his powers where locked and he has no idea how to bring about the potential they once had. His Parents where quite frightened of the extent of his powers and decided to accuse him of abusing said powers and that he went on a killing spree. Misos was one of the most levelheaded and just gods of his Pantheon, and would not kill with out just reasoning. Misos’s younger brother, a god of jealousy, ruined Misos to everyone in his family, and being his twin, even tricked his wife into believing he was Misos, ultimately killing her for not knowing that he was in fact, not his brother. Broken and beaten, in every sense of the word, they banished him to live as a human, with only the powers they where not strong enough to take from him; his sister however, a goddess equivalent to the Greek’s Aphrodite and Athena (not in looks…since they don’t look the same. She looks more like Aphrodite) sent him all his belongings, and helped him find a home with out the knowledge of the others. (the condensed version...since it's a bit of an emotional war...)


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