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Strijer Vaas

Post  Arkz on Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:10 am

Name:Strijer Vaas

Age: 156

Gender: male

Race:devarkian elf

Height: 5' 10

Weight: 160

Appearence including any distinguishing marks:his body is covered in acid burns that he has further marked into designs he wears his hair long but ties it back when he does into battle

Clothes/Armor: he wears light armor a mix of hides and mail, his arms are mostly un armored keeping his body light he wears a mask of black dragon that he had slain

Weapons/Sheilds: the climbing axes of his species, a highly taught recurved short bow and a glaive

Marital Status:married

Background Information ((be as descriptive as possible. Any "unknown" backgrounds will not be allowed as characters )):he was a no name hunter, low in the ranks, he was until he killed an ancient black dragon almost single handily though it left him scarred mostly on his back, he eventually healed from his wounds and married the flute playing necromancer from his village, they both decided to leave the village out of a whim

devarkian or pale elves,

place of origin- they are a jungle dwelling species, where they live its flooded half the year round

description- they are tall for elves some even reaching the heights of man but skeletally thin
this skeletal appearance is further assisted by their pale white skin and dark hair and sunken in eyes, they bare the ears and long lives of the ofther drow, and many paint thier bodies for hunt/war which is the same word for them[[opposite of the drow pretty much]

they are river people and their homes are built on stilts they will fish if needed but primarily hunt in the trees where they can move rather fast between each, and the hunters are feared and respected by the people, and each owns a mask made from the skull of their biggest kill, all devarkians own one mask, they are a religious people worshiping nature and a priest or priestess is in charge of each village, they are not generally fond to outsiders, and though they may seem frail they are quite strong able to break and average mans arm with ease, a common devarkian weapon is the claw ax, a multiuse tool used in pairs to assist in the climbing of the trees in their realm.


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