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Name: Ivandis

Age: 17

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5ft. 11in.

Weight: 160

Appearance including any distinguishing marks: Large black eyes which are under even larger eyebrows, black bowl cut hair, the look of a skinny young man, and what looks like very light foot weights on

Clothes/Armor: green sweat pant like materials

Weapons/Shields: throwing knives ( on occasion)

Marital Status:single

Background Information: Growing up he was never able to keep up with the other children in his village. So at the age of eight he started an intense workout schedule that led him to become the most physically toned person in his entire village… in one week of his training. This training included kicking down a six in. diameter wooden post, running fourteen miles with 20lbs. ankle weights, one thousand pushups, and long stretches… everyday. He continued to build up and increase his workout until he could literally do it in his sleep. At the age of fifteen he decided to set out and see what was out in the world.

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